Drawer slides

  • They are two models of metal brackets for installation of the groove section under the drawer?
  • The drawer guides are molded with great precision to ensure an optimum operation?
  • The tongue section is angled drilled for easier installation, beveled for easier insertion and lubricated for smooth sliding?
  • The groove section is tenonned to customer specification?
  • You can count on reliable deliveries?

Table slides

  • Our table slides are delivered in pairs in order to optimize their operation and increase their lifespan
  • The unique design of our table slides allows sliding with very little friction ensuring soft and easy sliding. The wood is dried in our own kilns to insure optimum process, thereby minimizing the risk of blocking by warping of wood
  • For the pedestal models, the use of a rack and gear mechanism (called "equalizers") allows one person to open the table. By pulling on one end of the table, the other ends moves simultaneously, thereby ensuring the symmetry of the two panels of the table top.
  • The 4 legged type models will raise the center of the table while a pedestal type model will raise the ends of the table.


  • The drawers have a 10 year warranty?
  • The UV finishing is practically VOC free and gives a high-end appearance
  • Waterville Woodcraft is the only drawer manufacturer to offer standard three layers of finish instead of two;
  • Waterville offers many options related to the use of undermount slides?

    Most popular:
    • Back nothing with holes (C5)
    • " Blum" clip installed (BKT)
    • "Hettich" clip installed (HKT)
    • Front notching (C10)
  • You can contact Waterville Woodcraft for information on other available options or see the Kitchen accessories and options section?
  • All drawer components are manufactured in house with wood kilned dried in our own kilns?
  • We also have a policy for recycling our wood residues; they are not directed to a landfill. We also recycle other materials (cardboard, paper, steel, etc.)
  • Waterville Woodcraft is flexible for rush orders?


Cabinet doors

  • You can choose from a collection of predefined models for a speedier selection?
  • You can create your own model starting with a predefined model and changing one or more specifications?